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Accelerated Online – Application Process

The College of Nursing uses a holistic admission process that identifies students who are the best fit for this option. Please follow the directions carefully to complete all sections of the application process.



Apply to the University

It is preferred that you are accepted to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh prior to applying to the Accelerated Option; however, you may apply to the University and to the Accelerated Option simultaneously. Please understand, you must be admitted to the University before your Accelerated Option application can be considered. If you submit your Accelerated Option application before admission to the University, it is essential that you notify of your UW Oshkosh student ID number and email address when you receive the information.

If you are not currently a University of Wisconsin Oshkosh student, please immediately apply to the University: The following information may help you with the application:

  • Apply as: “transfer student” / “2nd undergraduate degree”
  • Undergraduate degree sought: “B.S.N.”
  • Intended major: “Accelerated Nursing”
  • Semester/Term: Spring or Fall; dependent on desired cohort
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended must be sent to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Admissions Office (address provided on the UW Oshkosh application). Please do not send transcripts to the Accelerated Nursing office as this will delay the process.

Upon acceptance to the University you will receive an email from Undergraduate Admissions with a link to the Titan Transfer Web Page. Instructions are included to help you set up your UW Oshkosh email address, known as TitanApps. Please use only TitanApps when corresponding with Accelerated Nursing. We cannot be responsible for missed communication due to use of other email accounts (i.e. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) Contact the UW Oshkosh Admissions Office if you are having problems activating your TitanApps/email account: 920-424-3164. Please check your TitanApps email account every day during the entire application process.

Upon acceptance to the University, the Admissions Office will send an email requesting a $100.00 tuition deposit. If you will not be completing any prerequisite courses through UW Oshkosh, you may reply requesting that the deposit be waived. If you will be completing prerequisite coursework at UW Oshkosh, please pay the tuition deposit.

Prerequisites Coursework and Required Testing

  • All applicants are required to complete a course credit transfer evaluation by sending their unofficial transcripts to the Accelerated Pre-Nursing Advisor – Once a course credit evaluation is completed, applicants will be eligible to apply.
  • Please review the Accelerated Admissions Requirements
  • If you have any questions please contact the Accelerated Nursing advisor –


Apply to the Undergraduate Accelerated Nursing Program


All of these items need to be submitted when applying to the program:

Written Application

  • Application Form
  • Please complete and print out all sections of the written application form for submission.
  • Supporting documentation should be attached to this application
  • If you are having difficulties filling in any of the areas, just type in “See Attached” and insert a Word document behind that section
  • Personal Statements are limited to one double-spaced page
  • See below for the application deadlines. Processing of applications does not begin until after all required materials are received.

Deadlines to apply: 

February cohort – July 30th

May cohort – October 30th

October Cohort – March 30th.

Submit the written portion either by  U.S. Mail or personally deliver to:

Undergraduate Nursing Program 
Admission Application/Accelerated Option 
College of Nursing, Clow Faculty 112
805 Algoma Blvd. 
Oshkosh, WI  54901-8660

Background Information Disclosure Form

Current Resume (2 pages maximum)

Completed GPA Calculation Form

Disclosure Form

  • Transfer Authorization to Disclose Form Student
  • This form must be completed by all students who have transferred any credits to UWO from all academic institutions attended. Form is filled out by student, sent to the corresponding transfer school who should mail them directly to the address on the form.

Copy of CNA Certificate – or online license verification from your state board Nurse Aide Registry

IF YOU HAVE EVER ATTENDED, BUT DID NOT COMPLETE, ANOTHER PROFESSIONAL HEALTH CARE PROGRAM, a letter from the program director or dean stating you left in good standing will be required before your application can be reviewed.

Appeal Form (Not Required- unless an exception is needed for one or more of the admission requirements)

  • Appeal Form – Click here for the Appeal Policy For Student Nurses (policy and form are also located in Undergraduate Student Handbook within the CON intranet- student Net Id and password required)
  • Submit completed appeal form to if an advanced decision is desired OR you may attach the appeal form to the front of the application to the clinical major.
  • If you received approval for an appeal that pertains to your qualifications for admission, you must attach the appeal form you submitted with letter of approval to the front of your application.

Criminal Background Check

You must complete a criminal background check with Castle Branch before your application will be considered.

About Castle

Castle Branch is a secure platform that allows you to order your background check online. Your background check must be ordered simultaneously with the application. Once you have placed your order, you may use your login to access additional features of Castle Branch, including document storage, portfolio builders and reference tools. Please note:

  • The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Accelerated Nursing will only accept background checks from Castle Branch; background checks from other agencies/services will not be accepted
  • Even if you have had a previous Castle Branch Background, you must order a new one using the package code below. This gives us access to your results and also ensures the specific background check required by the College of Nursing is ordered
  • If accepted to a future cohort, you may be required to submit an updated background check (cost assumed by applicant)

Place your Order

  • Go to: and click on “Students” then enter package code: UE23.
  • You will then be directed to set up your Castle Branch account

View Your Results

Your results will be posted directly to your Castle Branch account. You will be notified if there is any missing information needed in order to process your order. Although 95% of background check results are completed within 3-5 business days, some results may take longer. Your order will show as “In Process” until it has been completed in its entirety. Your school’s administrator can also securely view your results online with their unique username and password.

** Background check results will only be accepted directly from Castle Branch. Accelerated Nursing will access results on the Castle Branch site; please do not submit results with your application.
If you have questions, please contact Student Support at 888-914-7279

Selection of eligible applicants will be made on the following basis:

  • Application Forms
  • CastleBranch Background
  • Grade point average based upon prerequisite coursework
  • CNA status and work experience
  • Current resume (2 pages maximum length)
  • Telephone and Written statements of selected applicants
  • Any additional criteria deemed appropriate

Applicants will be contacted via email for a phone interview if selected.

Applicants can expect email notification of an admission decision from the Accelerated Online Bachelor’s to BSN Option within two months after the interview process.

Tuition is $41,500. The tuition will include a laptop computer, headphones, required software and other printed materials required for the Boot Camp Clinical. Click here for the Accelerated Nursing Refund Policy

A non-refundable tuition deposit of $2,500.00 will be due within two weeks of notification of acceptance into the Accelerated Online Bachelor’s to BSN Option. Please note that the $2,500.00 deposit is due before any Financial Aid can be awarded.