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Accelerated Online – Application Process

The College of Nursing uses a holistic admission process that identifies students who are the best fit for this option. Please follow the directions carefully to complete all sections of the application process.



Prerequisites Coursework

  • All applicants are required to complete a course credit transfer evaluation by sending their unofficial transcripts to the Accelerated Pre-Nursing Advisor –   
  • Upon completion of the course credit transfer evaluation and submission of the Assessment of Eligibility form our Accelerated Pre-Nursing Advisor will contact you.  


Apply to the University

To apply to the university:

The following information may help you with the application:

  • Apply as: transfer student / 2nd undergraduate degree
  • Undergraduate degree sought: B.S.N.
  • Intended major: Accelerated Nursing
  • Semester/Term: Spring or Fall: Dependent on desired cohort                                                                                February Cohort = Spring Term, May Cohort = Spring Term, October Cohort = Fall Term
  • Official transcripts from all Colleges and Universities attended must be sent to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Admissions Office (address provided on the UW Oshkosh application).
  • Please do not send transcripts to the Accelerated Nursing office as this will delay the process.


Apply to the Undergraduate Accelerated BSN Option

Part A:  Electronic Data Application Form

  • Check for accuracy before submitting, once submitted, the form cannot be retrieved
  • All fiends are to be completed or marked (N/A) if they do not apply

Part B:  Written Application

  • The written application will be provided to you upon assessment of eligibility by our advisor. 
  • Here is a “Sample” application with the questions that will be on the application provided you: Written Application

Applications must be POSTMARKED by the deadline.  We do not accept applications via email.  

  • Please complete and print all sections of the written application. 
  • If you submit a separate page for your essays, please type “See Attached” and submit them directly behind the appropriate page.  Do not staple/paper clip any portion of your application.
  • Submit all supporting documents found in “Step 3” of the Application Process for consideration
  • Submit your complete application packet by the appropriate deadline date to: Undergraduate Nursing Program Admission Application/Accelerated Option College of Nursing, Clow Faculty 112, 800 Algoma Blvd.  Oshkosh, WI  54901-8660


Background Information Disclosure Form – DO NOT STAPLE

Current Resume (2 pages maximum) – DO NOT STAPLE


Completed GPA Calculation Form – Submit unofficial transcripts with highlighted courses for nursing GPA as well as proof of any “In Progress” courses.  (print screen of registration)

Transfer Student Disclosure Form

    • Transfer Authorization to Disclose Form Student
    • This form must be sent to all higher education academic institutions attended.  DO NOT send this form with your application materials.  Top portion of form is filled out by student, then sent to the corresponding higher education academic institution attended, who will then fill out their portion of the form and mail directly to the address on the bottom of the form.

Copy of CNA Certificate

    •  Online license verification or copy of your certification from your state board Nurse Aide Registry showing the expiration date.

Appeal Form – Only if an exception is needed for one or more of the admission requirements)

    • Appeal Form – Click here for the Appeal Policy For Student Nurses (policy and form are also located in Undergraduate Student Handbook within the CON intranet- student Net Id and password required)
    • Submit completed appeal form to if an advanced decision is desired OR you may attach the appeal form to the front of the application to the clinical major.
    • If you received an approval for an appeal that pertains to your qualifications for admission, you must attach the appeal form you submitted with letter of approval to the front of your application.

*IF YOU HAVE ATTENDED, BUT DID NOT COMPLETE OR FAILED OUT OF ANOTHER PROFESSIONAL HEALTH CARE PROGRAM, a letter from the program director or dean stating you left in good standing will be required before your application can be reviewed.

Criminal Background Check

  • Following the application due date, applicants will receive an email from the College of Nursing with details about completing a criminal background check
  • Associated fees will be the student’s responsibility

Admission Interview

  • Qualified applicants will be contacted via email to register for a phone interview.
  • Eligible applicants should review the College of Nursing website, with special attention to our Mission, Vision and Values to help you prepare. 

Applicants can expect email notification of an admission decision from the Accelerated  BSN Option within two months after the interview process.