Students are required to earn 120 credits to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at UW Oshkosh. Academic advisers in the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC) will help determine how a student’s prior credits will transfer to fulfill any pre-nursing or general education credits.

Pre-nursing and general education courses must be fulfilled before starting the nursing coursework. 30 additional USP general education credits are completed as part of the BSN@Home program.

University Studies Program (USP) 

Subject Area Credits
English (ENG–312 Advanced Composition) 3 credits
Global Citizenship (GC) 3 credits
Math (Math 109–Statistics preferred) 3 credits
Humanities 9 credits
Ethnic Studies (ES) 3 credits
Social Sciences (XS) 3 credits
Additional electives To reach 120-credit graduation requirement

Nursing Coursework

Sample Plans of Study

Course Title Credits
Nursing 324 Orientation to Clinical Major  1 credit
Nursing 407 Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice  3 credits
Nursing 441 Chronic Care Management  3 credits
Nursing 492 Pathophysiology
Nursing 491
Clinical Pharmacology

 3 credits

 3 credits

Nursing 446 Research and Evidence-Based Practice  3 credits
Nursing 453 Information Mgmt and Healthcare Technology  3 credits
Nursing 454 Community Health Nursing  3 credits
Nursing 447 Leadership and Management  3 credits
Nursing 448 Clinical Synthesis  4 credits
Nursing Electives  4 credits

College of Nursing

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