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Accelerated Online – Other Program Requirements

CNA Requirements

Certification as a nursing assistant in one’s home state is a prerequisite for all applicants to the Accelerated Option.  State of Wisconsin nursing assistant certification is only required of applicants who are Wisconsin residents.

At the time of application CNA certification is required. However, to be a competitive applicant, CNA work experience at the time of application is strongly recommended.

Students who have worked as CNA’s are notably stronger students in the precepted clinical component of the program.   CNA work experience provides time to integrate basic nursing skills in a nursing home or hospital, helping one learn to efficiently and appropriately prioritize care for a group of patients as part of a nurse-led team.

Graduates consistently support the value of their CNA experience after completing the precepted clinical rotations.

Health Requirements

Upon admission to the Accelerated nursing option, students are required to fulfill a number of health requirements in order to attend clinical courses.  The specific requirements are provided upon admission.

Technology Requirements

A laptop computer with wireless card, camera, headset and required software are included in the tuition. Cable, broadband or satellite internet access is imperative. Slower internet connections will impede downloading of course materials and timely exam completion. This program reads PDF files that are sometimes used for forms and other documents. Several other technologies are utilized throughout the curriculum, including Collaborate Ultra and Skype. Training on these programs is provided during orientation.