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Posting Jobs & Internships

For employers (both on-campus and off-campus), Career & Professional Development will be using the job posting system Handshake.

Creating a Handshake Account

Creating a Handshake Account

To follow step by step instructions on how to create a Handshake account click the image below.

How to Create a Handshake Account

Posting Positions

Posting Positions

To follow step-by-step instructions on how to post a position in Handshake click the image below or watch the video.

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Posting Campus/STEP Positions

Posting Campus Student Assistant/Work Study/STEP jobs

For details on the Student Titan Employment Program visit:

Once your STEP position is approved, you must create a new job/posting in Handshake to advertise your position for a minimum of two weeks.

Campus employers hiring for other campus positions MUST specify in the title whether the position is Work Study, STEP, or Student Assistant.

Please list they type of position first and then the title.


  • STEP – Graphic Design Intern,
  • Work Study – Multi-media Assistant,
  • Student Assistant – Library Assistant

If you are considering more than one please also put that in the title:

  • Work Study/Student Assistant – Game Day Operations Intern

Please enter these titles as consistent to those listed above – we will need to “label” them behind the scenes so that students can search them in those ways.

Internships at UW Oshkosh

Employer Guide to Internships at UWO

NACE Internship Resources

Message to the Membership

Unpaid internships have been a topic of discussion and concern for the past few years. NACE has provided its membership and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) with a position statement, which included a recommendation that the DOL review its criteria used to determine whether internships may be unpaid. To date, the DOL has not revised or clarified those criteria.

Key to the ongoing debate regarding unpaid internships is the absence of a definition of what constitutes an “internship,” and specific criteria that may be used to assess opportunities. Recognizing this void, the NACE Principles for Professional Practice Committee proposed, and the NACE Board of Directors has approved, the following Position Statement to provide members with guidance in this area. In addition, NACE is providing the DOL as well as other government offices with the definition/criteria to further the national discussion on internships.

We welcome your thoughts and dialogue on this issue and invite you to participate by forwarding your thoughts to NACE at

Position Statement Abstract

Experiences through which students can apply their academic knowledge in work settings are a vital component of a college education. These experiences are widely labeled as “internships,” but the criteria for and oversight of these experiences vary widely among institutions of higher education and employers in the United States. This paper examines the characteristics of a legitimate internship and the conditions under which such an experience can be engaged on an unpaid basis. At the foundation of this paper is the tenet that an internship is a legitimate learning experience benefitting the student and not simply an operational work experience that just happens to be conducted by a student.

View more from the NACE position statement which includes:

  • Overview of Current Perspectives for Experiential Learning Experiences
  • Definition of “Internship” and Consistent Criteria
  • Criteria for an Experience to Be Defined as an Internship
  • Posting Unpaid Internships
  • Academic Credit

Internship Focused Professional Organizations