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What Can I Do with a Major In?

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Wondering how to connect majors to careers and join professional organizations? View majors of interest to see outlines of common career areas, professional organizations, employers and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities.

Please understand that the areas are representative of typical career paths associated with each major and not a comprehensive list. Be sure to explore multiple majors to learn about a wide range of career opportunities.

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College of Business

What Can I Do With My Major?

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View the College of Business website here.

College of Education & Human Services Leadership

What Can I Do With My Major?

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Education Majors

View what you can do with your education major

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Human Services Majors

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Related Career Options

View the College of Education and Human Services website here.

College of Letters & Sciences
College of Nursing

What Can I Do With My Major?

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Related Career Options

Visit the College of Nursing website here.


If you are struggling with choosing a major or uncertain if your current major is the one that will provide you the career you’d like to pursue, you are not alone. Statistics show that roughly 1/3 of entering students do not declare a major and approximately 80 percent are uncertain about the major they selected. College students change majors an average three times before graduating.

As such, there are a variety of resources available to meet the unique needs of those undecided or uncertain if their current major is suited for them.

Major and Career Exploration – Visit our One Stop Major & Career Exploration page


Career & Professional Development provides a comprehensive program of assisting undecided majors in areas of general professional preparedness including resume preparation, interviewing skills, employment while in school, personal and professional conduct, networking, and postings of work study positions through Handshake.

Career & Professional Development Industry Advisors

Don’t know who your Career & Professional Development industry advisor is? Find your advisor and schedule an appointment to learn more about major, career and industry exploration services.