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Major Career Fact Sheets

Learn more about the majors and career opportunities at UW Oshkosh

Major Career Fact Sheets have been developed collaboratively between Career & Professional Development and many departments across campus. Over time, the curated list of majors will expand so come back to see what new Major Career Fact Sheets are added.


Major Career Fact Sheets


Accounting focuses on methods to create, maintain and audit a detailed and accurate system that displays the finances of a business or organization. It includes the theory behind accounting and how to analyze the financial position of a business or organization.

 Are you a problem solver? Detail oriented? A team player? Perhaps a major in Accounting is for you. Learn more by checking out the Accounting Major Career Fact Sheet


Anthropology is the study of humanity in all its wondrous chronological and geographic diversity. From the dawn of humanity over two million years ago to the current day, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, anthropology introduces students to the variety and complexity of contemporary and past human societies and cultures. 

Do you have interests in understanding cultural differences, have strong interpersonal skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills and interest in learning about languages? Perhaps a major in Anthropology is for you. Learn more by checking out the Anthropology Major Career Fact Sheet


Biology is the study of living organisms and how they function within their environment. It is a broad and ever-growing field that involves everything from large plants and animals to tiny microorganisms.  At UWO, students can earn a degree in Biology, Biomedical Science, Environmental Health and Microbiology.

Do you have strong analytical, computer, mathematics, scientific or interpersonal skills? Have interest in using laboratory procedures and equipment? Find interest in conducting/participating in research or experiments? Perhaps a degree in biology is for you. Learn more by checking out the Biology Major Career Fact Sheet.



Chemistry is the study of matter and energy in the universe. Coursework includes organic and inorganic chemistry, thermodynamics, math, biology, and physics. Chemistry majors are prepared to work in industrial or government labs, attend graduate school in science, or enter professional schools of pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, or law. Chemistry majors may choose from the following emphases: Professional Chemistry, Bimolecular Science or Secondary Education.

Do you have an interest in helping to improve lives by providing scientific discoveries and optimizing many of the products people use daily? Have an interest in studying in laboratory settings, using equipment and computers to gather and analyze data? Perhaps a major in Chemistry is for you. Learn more by checking out the Chemistry Major Career Fact Sheet

Communication Studies

Communication Studies is the study of how humans exchange information within interpersonal and organizational contexts. Coursework focuses on interpersonal and organizational communication and emphasizes the communicative aspects of human relationships including: mentoring, leadership, socialization, organizational development, social networks, conflict, organizational change, and persuasion.

Do you empathize with others? Are you a good listener inquisitive and love to learn? Can see both sides of an argument? Like to teach and inform others? Want to impact your community? Perhaps a major in Communication is for you. Learn more by checking out the Communication Major Career Fact Sheet

Computer Science

Computer Science is the systematic study of algorithmic processes that describe and transform information. Coursework includes programming, coding, development, theory, analysis, design, efficiency, implementation, and application and empowers students to expertly design and implement computational solutions that tackle today’s most challenging social, scientific, economic and business issues.

Do you have strong analytical and problem solving skills? Have a mind for creative, critical-thinking? Able to communicate your ideas or solutions to others? Perhaps a major in Computer Science is for you. Learn more by checking out the Computer Science Major Career Fact Sheet 

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice focuses on the many aspects of crime and the criminal justice system, including the criminalization of behaviors, law breaking, crime control, and societal reactions to crime.

Do you have strong oral and written communication skills? Have good listening skills? Able to work with a wide range of diverse populations? Perhaps a major in Criminal Justice is for you. Learn more by checking out the Criminal Justice Major Career Fact Sheet 



Education focuses on how people learn and ways of effectively teaching. Courses will include topics on educational psychology, developmental needs of students, school health and safety issues, and learning to plan and implement curriculum.

Do you have strong oral and written communication skills? Have planning, organization and record-keeping experience? Able to teach and motivate others? Perhaps a major in Education is for you. Learn more by checking out the Education Major Career Fact Sheet

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies explores human interaction with the environment. It connects topics from the physical sciences, economics, humanities, and social sciences to address complex contemporary environmental issues.

Are you a critical thinker? An environmentally aware? Interested in social and environmental justice? Perhaps a major in Environmental Studies is for you. Learn more by checking out the Environmental Studies Major Career Fact Sheet.


As a history major at UW Oshkosh, you will not only learn a great deal about the histories of particular places and times, but you will also develop some very broad skills, including clear, concise, good writing, research skills, analytical reading, and critical thinking.

Do you have highly developed writing, reading, research, and thinking skills? Perhaps a major in History is for you. Learn more by checking out the History Major Career Fact Sheet

Human Services Leadership

As a Human Services Leadership major at UW Oshkosh, you will have the opportunity to become a well-rounded leader of social change. Through professional internships and interactive class sessions you’ll gain the skills needed to impact the community around you. 

Are you a compassionate, empathic person? Have strong interpersonal skills? Perhaps a major in Human Services Leadership is for you. Learn more by checking out the Human Services Leadership Major Career Fact Sheet

Information Systems

As an Information Systems major at UW Oshkosh, you’ll learn to help businesses compete in a global environment by helping management utilize the power of technology to make decisions and run business operations effeciently.

Are you an investigative person? A team player? Have skills in managing details? Perhaps a major in Information Systems is for you. Learn more by checking out the Information Systems Major Career Fact Sheet


Management majors participate in a general business curriculum with a focus on the knowledge needed to be an effective manager. Management relates broadly to human, physical and information resources and studies how to procure, use and retain an optimal resource combination in an organizational setting.

Are you ambitious, flexible, independent, a leader, reliable, personable and self-motivated? Perhaps a major in Management is for you. Learn more by checking out the Management Major Career Fact Sheet


As a marketing major at UW Oshkosh, you’ll learn to help organizations build customer relationships and achieve their goals by understanding customer needs, researching the potential markets and developing solutions to meet those needs.

Are you a problem solver, creative, detail oriented, analytical? Have good communication skills? A team player? Perhaps a major in Marketing is for you. Learn more by checking out the Marketing Major Career Fact Sheet


The UW Oshkosh undergraduate nursing program prepares caring and scholarly nurse leaders for entry into evidence-based practice. With practical coursework in the simulation lab and clinical you’ll have the opportunity to build your nursing skills. 

Do you have critical thinking and communication skills? Have a compassionate nature?  Perhaps a major in Nursing is for you. Learn more by checking out the Nursing Major Career Fact Sheet


Psychology is the study of human behavior, the mind, brain, and social interactions. Coursework includes social, cognitive, abnormal, personality, and developmental aspects of individuals as well as training in research methods.

Do you have strong interpersonal and communication skills? Have a compassionate nature?  Perhaps a major in Psychology is for you. Learn more by checking out the Psychology Major Career Fact Sheet.

Social Work

Social workers serve on the front lines of community restoration, serving underprivileged  and struggling members of the population by intervening in contexts such as child welfare, chemical dependence, aging, corrections, and physical and mental health. Social workers strive every day to improve the lives of their neighbors.

Are you an active listener? Have strong social perceptiveness? Interested in making the world around you a better place?  Perhaps a major in Social Work is for you. Learn more by checking out the Social Work Major Career Fact Sheet.


Sociology is the study of society and human social behavior through the lens of groups, institutions, religion, family, gender, race, and other identities. Coursework includes research methods, psychology, classes about society, history, and other social science courses.

Do you have skills in critical and analytical thinking, writing, cultural competence and self-awareness? Perhaps a major in Sociology is for you. Learn more by checking out the Sociology Major Career Fact Sheet.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management incorporates the approaches utilized to efficiently integrate suppliers, producers, and distributors so that products and/or services are delivered at the right time, to the right place, in the right quantity and the right cost, in a sustainable manner.

Are you adaptable, strategic, collaborative? Do you have strong leadership skills and work well with others? Perhaps a major in Supply Chain Management is for you. Learn more by checking out the Supply Chain Major Career Fact Sheet

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